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Gaining freedom in your life from reoccurring problems and issues we believe lies in what Jesus taught when the disciples asked Him to teach them how to pray.

What we believe

Jesus told them to pray:

The Lord's Prayer wall art

Holding the Ground training was developed to teach Christians how to fully move into the deliverance and healing that Jesus provided for us by His sacrifice on the cross.

When we learn to understand our identity in Jesus and the authority He has given us then we can learn to take back the ground that the enemy has taken from us.  Once we have taken back our rightful domain then we move into holding our domain by putting on the armour of God daily and taking every thought captive.  Through this we begin the process of renewing our minds to the likeness of Jesus.

After we have have gained our freedom it is then that we can begin to set other captives free and walk with them through the same process.  In this we begin to train them to become God’s warriors and disciple others who are held captive.



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