Spiritual Warfare

Prayer for Canada

Warriors!  Here is a crafted prayer for our great nation of Canada.  Join us as we pray to our good Father who hears us! Our Father  In Heaven and who is Holy and with us Please help our Nation Please restore our Nation back to greatness, fill our land with […]

Your Territory is YOUR Territory!

You are responsible for the territory God has assigned to you. It’s your territory! When accessing the “Map App” on your mobile phone a blue dot shows up marking your location. The blue dot emits blue waves of light. Can you see it? Wherever you move in your vehicle the […]

We are never staring defeat in the face. 

We are never staring defeat in the face.  The enemy is, when he looks at us. We are always fighting from victory not towards victory.

Courage springs from strong faith

In Numbers 13-14 it tells the story of the 12 scouts that where sent into the promised land to obtain tactical information about the people, the land, and their cities. They even brought back a bunch of grapes that took two men to carry on a pole. In reporting to […]