Focus…the choice is yours

All adversity, trials and warfare give us the opportunity to focus on the nature and character of God.

When we are faced with adversity, trials, temptation and warfare we have a choice.  We can choose to focus on our problems, trials, temptations or the enemy or we can choose to focus on Father and who He wants to be for us in the midst of whatever is going on.  When we magnify Father, His character and nature and who He is for us in the midst of our problems we make Him clearer, bring Him into focus, make Him bigger than anything else we are up against.  If we focus and magnify our trials and problems then they become bigger.

I learned this lesson in my life over the years.  There have been times where there was way more month than there was money.  It used to stress me out and I would focus on being broke.  I would fret and stew over what bills had to be paid and what ones could be put off.  I would grumble and be negative that I didn’t have the things I wanted.  My focus was in the wrong place.  When I chose to focus on Father and specifically Father as the Lord who Provides all good things and to proclaim my complete dependence on Him everything shifted.  My thoughts where taken captive to the truth of who He is and who Father was for me in the middle of it all.  As I look back He provided everything I needed, I never went without.

So the choice is yours, what will you focus on?

One thought on “Focus…the choice is yours

  • Kervin Raugust

    Focus is such strong word! The enemy wants to cloud our focus with distrust of God’s heart for us and doubting His promises to us. You are so right the choice is ours. We destroy the outworkings of the devil in our lives as we choose to stay focused on God… in the midst of battle!!

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