Kingdom Perspectives NOW

Christ in us makes us favored children of God!

Add the deep counsel of the Holy Spirit, and we are even more amazing in the realm of the Kingdom. For every domain of our being God has encounters in mind for our relationship with Jesus to move from deep unto deep. In the midst of life circumstances we are learning about God’s provision for us in the majesty of Jesus. The Holy Spirit teaches that standing firm in our identity in Christ, nurturing intimacy with Him, living in and from our inheritance and cultivating holy imagination bears the fruit of – new levels of maturity, authority and capacity in Christ. Discovering Kingdom perspectives equips us – to see as Jesus sees, to have His mindset, to understand the language of heaven and to give voice to Kingdom perspectives NOW! Those who give voice become warrior hearted men and women from God and that makes all the difference.

Session 1 – The Nature Of God

Session 2 – Beholding and Becoming

Session 3 – Dependency and Wonder

Session 4 – The Language of Promise

Session 5 – Toward a Powerful Inner Life