Kingdom Perspectives Now Session 2

Session #2: Beholding and Becoming…

The World is Waiting for a Different Kind of Christian.. Will it be You?

Core Scripture: Acts 13:22 and Isaiah 40:28-31

The language to learn and live by …

David, King of Israel, was described as being a “man after God’s own heart who would do everything God asked him to do.” (Acts 13:22) David understood “we become what we behold”. The important questions to ask then are, “What am I after? What am I beholding?” David understood becoming is opposed, as is beholding. Said another way, what keeps us from beholding hinders us from becoming! This means then that beholding God requires great resolve. The reason is, God is eager for us to abide in His presence because He has some things He wants us to see and some things He wants us to hear but the enemy is not so eager. The language of heaven declares, “Beholding results in becoming what God intends for us to become!”