Kingdom Perspectives Now Session 4

Session #4: The Language of Promise

Core Scripture: I John 4:712

The language to learn and live by ….
“God can only give from who He is ! He can only give from what He has !” The first speaks of God’s identity, how I see Him. The second speaks of the resources of heaven, how I access them. The language of promise invites me to know the language of heaven is the language of love. Because I am a beloved child of God I have Father’s permission to access the blessings stored up for me in heaven by asking Him to release them into my life. The Scripture speaks of
that which is stored in heaven as my “inheritance in Christ”. The Father wants me to be confident in my inheritance for it will change the way I live. Taking hold of my promised future will change the way I live in the present. Future present living inspires new levels of intimacy, maturity, authority and capacity!