Hold The Ground Session 1

It is one kind of battle to TAKE GROUND!

It is a different kind of battle to HOLD the GROUND!

Hold the Ground sessions are a “deep discipleship” experience for those who have received freedom from spiritual bondage in their life and now want to learn to Hold the Ground in their spiritual domain. The 6 major themes contained in the prayer pattern of Jesus known as The Lord’s Prayer are the basis of the teaching. Understanding the deep meaning contained in each phrase will increase your ability to hold the ground.

Session 1: Our Father who is in heaven, holy is Your name

Core Scripture: Genesis 3:1-7

The language of truth to learn and live by…

My belief about the nature of God and my trust in His character are foundational to holding the

ground. God is a good Father whose character is completely holy. He is above all that would

corrupt his nature and is incapable of being anything but what is right, good and purely for my

best interests.

DOWNLOAD SESSION 1 NOTES HERE.  You will need a password that is provided at the session to access the download.



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