The Battle

There is a Great Story that has been going on before the creation of the universe that our own individual stories are intertwined with and that Great Story is the love story that God has written.  His love story is written to us and for us and tells of the spiritual battle of 2 kingdoms and the plot of the demonic to target our hearts and wound us. 

Our story is part of God’s Great Story and is our story is one of a great adventure that continues to unfold as we learn to Walk with God.  He is the author and finisher of our faith.  Jesus is the Hero of our story, we are the main character and satan and the demonic are the enemy.  Too often in many peoples stories they are playing a stand in role when they should be living the main character role and engaging in the adventure God has designed just for them.

The Battleground

We live in a world at war and the story of our lives is being played out within this spiritual battle. Our lives are being lived on the battleground with satan and the kingdom of darkness on one side and Jesus, Father, Holy Spirit and the Kingdom of Heaven on the other side.

The battleground is our hearts and our minds. Our enemy, who is Satan and the demonic, have been around since the creation of the heavens and so they know our story from the day we were born. Within the story of our lives are places that our hearts have been wounded. This is why Proverbs 4:23 tells us to “above all else, guard our hearts, for everything you do flows from it”. Since the demonic knows the wounds of our hearts they target them and get us to attach lies and agreements to our wounds. Lies or agreements like “I will never allow myself to be in a relationship were I can be hurt” after leaving a bad or unhealthy relationship. These are spoken into our minds and as we revisit the lies in our minds we then reinforce them and the lie become a permanent thought in our brain. That thought even though it is toxic becomes our new normal and we then begin to live out what we believe about ourselves.

When we experience warfare from the world and we are hurt by another person by something they say or do then the demonic is right there to reinforce the lies. They will also try to add more lies or agreements to make the root go deeper. Lies like “I am not worth being loved, every time I open up to someone they reject or abandon me”. This lie then ties back into the agreement “I will never allow myself to be in a relationship were I can be hurt”. When we live in this lie long enough we begin to pull more and more away from people in our spiritual community and we isolate.

warrior angel fights the demonic with us
Image by Maurizio Lanciotti on Pixabay

The Battle Plan

As the demonic has a plan against us we also need to have a battle plan. Some people in the body of Christ live in fear and pretend that Satan and the demonic do not exist and that they are just metaphors in scripture. Other well meaning people say that we just have to wait and God will fight for us. The problem with both of these beliefs is that they are not biblical. Scripture tells in James 4:7 “Submit therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you”. If there is no devil why are we commanded to resist him? Why are we told to submit to God and resist the devil instead of scripture saying wait on God and He will fight for us? We are to dedicate ourselves to His higher purpose (submit), fight back against the demonic and their schemes by commanding out loud for the specific demonic to loose and leave. We are also to take out thoughts captive, renouncing the lies and replacing the lies with the truth (resist). Then we get to watch the devil flee.

Learn To Battle

We have walked this road ourselves and our passion is to train up other warrior hearted men and women to learn to battle. The first step is to learn how to walk with God. The second step is to partner with Jesus to get free and receive the healing and deliverance and restoration he has for you. Then the third step is to learn to become a Spiritual Warrior and walk with others and teach them how to battle just as you did.

If you want to learn how to battle the world, the flesh and the demonic then contact us today by clicking here.