I am Warrior

A Scripture Based Declaration

Ephesians 6:10-18

Crafted by Commander Kervin Raugust

I am a warrior whose strength and power are not big enough to win the battles of my life nor are they big enough to win the battles I fight for others. The Spirit of Jesus invites, no challenges me to discover a new kind of strength. It is the strength that arises out of a deepening and intimate relationship with Him. I must not forget His strength is mighty and powerful. Clothe me in it, clothe me with your armor mighty King Jesus. Clothe me in your armor warrior King so I can take my stand against the devil’s schemes.  The devil schemes against all the good you have in mind for me and so I am going to need warrior armor along with the supernatural strength and spiritual power of Jesus to be able to take my stand against my enemy.


The battles I fight are not against what I can see, feel, hear, touch or taste. They may appear to be physical in nature but they are not. The battles I fight are against the forces of evil hidden to my eye but very real in the spirit realm around me. Make no mistake, these forces are real and they show up in those who rule and in those who have authority and power.  Putting on the armor of God will help me to see the invisible spiritual realities of the schemer and then to take a stand against him.


I put on the full armor of God so that when I recognize evil in the moment it shows up I will be able to stand my ground and I will be able to withstand the attacks. I hear Holy Spirit saying the armor of God promises I will overcome. His strength and power in me is that mighty. It perseveres against the relentless attacks of the enemy until he runs out of schemes and is defeated by my perseverance in Christ who is my warrior hearted Lord and King.


My capacity to stand firm arises out of the simple daily decision I make and the lifestyle habit I get into of putting on the full armor of God. So, I put on the helmet of salvation to protect my mind and thought life from the lies of Satan.  The truth is, you Jesus – ransomed me, reconciled me, redeemed me, are regenerating me and remain in relationship with me. Thank you Jesus for salvation I am forgiven and free to be what you created me to be! I put on the breastplate of righteousness.  Your righteousness in me makes me whole and holy. Your righteousness covering me makes me radiant. Everywhere I go I radiate the holiness and beauty of God. The light of His righteousness in me causes all darkness to flee in my presence. Thank you Jesus for your righteousness! I put on the belt of truth.  You are truth Jesus. There is nothing false in you. Everything you said and say is true. What you say, you do. What you promise comes true. You Jesus hold all things together in me and for me so I can overcome. Thank you for being truth. I lift up the shield of faith.  Without faith it is impossible to please God in the way I Iive. I believe in you Jesus and put my trust in your nature; and I believe you reward those who earnestly seek you. I am seeking you Father and live in the assurance that what I hope for in Christ will prove to be true; and I live in the certainty that things not yet seen will be seen. This shield is a useful weapon as it extinguishes the flaming arrows of the evil one. The arrows of distrust, disobedience, doubt, denial and even distractions cannot get past faith as I hold up the shield.  Thank you for the shield of faith. I take up the sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God. With it I demolish strongholds of deception, bondage, oppression, brokenness of body, captivity; and with it I proclaim the good news of God’s goodness moving people into His glorious comfort and favor. I am ready, I put on the shoes of the gospel of peace taking the message of reconciliation with me everywhere I go and everywhere I go the atmosphere shifts and peace prevails. Thank you Jesus for being peace!


I am a person of prayer. I will pray continually in all places and on all occasions with all kinds of prayers – delighting in God’s nature, expressing gratitude to Him for His presence and provision in my life, confessing my dependence on Him and interceding for all the saints of God.  I shall pray that all God’s children will be alert to the battle and of their need to put on the full armor of God.


 I am warrior clothed with the strength and mighty power of God taking my stand against the devil’s schemes. I am warrior taking ground and holding ground with Him. I am warrior standing firm in Christ!