The Antidote for Failure

The battle is for your mind and your mindset is the battle-plan.  Your mindset will do for you what caffeine cannot.  It is not that hot cup coffee that jump starts your day.  It is your mindset that determines your level of grit, motivation, and desire because mindset is attitude and it is your attitude that shapes how you will engage with each moment you live throughout the day.

the antidote for failure

Mindsets are the root for building character and just as our bodies grow through maturity, the same holds true for character.  Let’s look at two opposing mindsets that I call “The Limitation Mindset” and “The Persevering Mindset”.

The main question within both mindsets is, “How do you perceive challenges in your life as they come?” 

For example; you have been challenged to commit to doing 25 push ups for 25 days in support of a cause that you are passionate about.  Your first thought will reveal your mindset and your mindset will determine the outcome.

The Limitation Mindset is limited in action but unlimited in excuses.  It is rooted in fear; fear of failure.  The irony here is that it is the recipe for failure as you learn to believe the limitations are a real barrier. 

Getting stuck here will show in your inability to focus with little to no energy to change course.  Before you know it, your mind becomes increasingly foggy and unable to concentrate while your physical energy depletes.  Leaving you at an increased risk for a variety of health issues; such as anxiety, depression, even heart attack, ulcers, etc.

The Antidote for Failure

The antidote for the Limitation Mindset is the Persevering Mindset.  The Persevering Mindset does not deny that limitations are present, it chooses to see them as an opportunity to overcome. 

The result to expect in cultivating the Persevering Mindset is the more you persevere; the more clarity of mind will occur with increased energy to tackle those moments throughout the day.  All of this increases your overall health; both mentally, physically and spiritually.

Going back to the diagram, a Persevering Mindset knows beginning with 25 continuous push ups is too much and considers an alternative plan of attack saying, “There’s got to be a way.”

Instead of seeing the moment as impossible, break it down to smaller, attainable moments.  In this case, ask yourself, “Can I do 5 continuous push ups?”

If the answer is, “Yes,” then start there. 

After doing 5 standard continuous push ups your mind will want to stop but you are committed to getting to 25.  Adjust course and ask, “What kind of push ups can I do to get to 10?”  Keep on adjusting course by changing positions and/or type of push ups to reach the goal of 25. There will be a battle of the mind with every moment as you unlearn the Limitation Mindset in order to learn the Persevering Mindset.  This is about deciding which mindset you want to engage to mature your character.  Your first day may look like 5 different push ups to make it to 25.  It may look different every day leading up to day 25, and so what?!  Congratulations, you persevered!    You did it!  Well done! 

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