The Locker Room – Women’s Warrior Company

What is “The Locker Room?”

locker room

I had this picture of the inside of a team locker room or a change room at the gym. The perimeter of the room housed half lockers stacked in rows of two. Below the bottom row was a wooden slat bench and underneath the bench were cubbies stocked with water, towels and snacks. Fully equipped with everything an athlete needs before and after the game.

My imagination took over as I began to wonder if God’s angels, those under both Michael and Gabriel’s charge, had a locker room and if so, what would it look like? What kind of stories would they share of their battles? What kind of condition would they find themselves in? Would the room be a continuous hum of glory stories or could there be heavy sighs of missed opportunities or even cries from defeat? Would they arrive untouched or bruised and bloodied, energized or burdened? Anxious for the next assignment or ready to throw in the towel?

No matter the condition they would find themselves in, God enters and greets each warring angel and each ministering angel. Even though they are gathered together as God stands before each one it is as if they are the only ones in that space. All else fades away.

He takes the time needed to tend to every single one for He knows each need is as unique as each individual. He celebrates, He cries, He heals, He encourages, He provides rest before strategies for the next battle are prepared.

Like the angels in the locker room, we too, need a space where we can gather together as women in leadership, lay down our masks, come as we are before the Lord and allow ourselves to be cared for and replenished in between seasons of ministry.

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