Time to Wake Up

Six chapters into Genesis (approx. 2304 BC) we read how man became so wicked, so despicable that every inclination and thought was evil and evil only.  It was so horrendous that God, Himself, decided to wipe the slate clean and start again. 

time to wake up

Wiping man completely out of history was never the plan.  He chose to build on the success of man, the remnant that remained.  Out of the entire world’s population only one man found favor in the eyes of the Lord.  Only one man did right, no matter what, and his family benefited from his righteousness.  This one man was Noah. 

Do you ever wonder how bad it must have been for God to enact His wrath on a global scale? 

I do and this is how I know the days we are in now has not reached the full saturation of wickedness because I woke up this morning and so did you. 

We Woke Up To…

We woke up to discover the COVID-19 Global Pandemic is still a thing. 

We woke up to an economy on life support. 

We woke up to corrupt governments.

We woke up to news about police being de-funded.

We woke up to violent protests in the name of racism.

We woke up to statues of our forefathers vandalized.

We woke up to “culture cancellation”.

We woke up to the war on gender and sexuality. 

We woke up imprisoning murderers, yet abortion doctors are free to kill.

We woke up to municipalities passing legislation to silence the Bible.

We woke up to a lot, but we have not woken up. 

Where do we begin?  How do we stop the madness? 

My perspective and my opinion are mine.  Some may agree while others may be offended.  No matter if you are a friend or foe to my perspective, I ask you to continue to read and consider my words before dropping the gavel.

Free society has made a fundamental error in recent decades.  She has allowed her government to assume the role of the Church on social issues and finds herself divided on many fronts.

The challenge our governments have is in appeasing all social groups.  In a multicultural society that does not require those who immigrate to assimilate to our values and way of life, is impossible to please.  How many different social groups are out there jockeying for attention, laws and funding?  How many of those groups have conflicting values?  Conflicting needs?

The problem government has been allowed to create is overwhelming, seemingly impossible to fix.  It is impossible to fix from the top down.  The fix, I believe, must come from the bottom up.  The more we allow the governments of the land to rule on social issues, the less freedom we have.

Here is where many will be quick to accuse the Church and call into question her ability and capability to reclaim authority on social issues.  The Church has gone from a place of influence in society to being influenced by society.  No one captures this better than Dr. Stuart Robinson from the documentary “The End of Churchianity”,

The church has adjusted our theological stances to follow after the changes in society.  The Church wanted to be included, and so we have constantly, incrementally changed our stance on a whole range of social values and issues.  But the end result of that has been that while we might be socially included, we’re now spiritually excluded.  That we’re socially relevant, but we are spiritually irrelevant.”

I tend to agree but this is where we have an amazing opportunity to right the wrongs and restore the Church to her rightful place.

Many accuse the Church of intolerance of anyone who is not a Bible believing, faith living, spirit-filled child of God.  The fact is the Church has the right to keep its own accountable.  The Church does not have the right to keep those who are not Bible believing, faith living, spirit-filled children of God accountable to the same Biblical standard. 

Now if you are part of the Church you are held to a specific standard of living.  This standard is designed to make people better both as individuals and in community as we learn to love each God’s way. 

If the standard within the Church is not how you choose to live, then God has given you the option to say no.  In choosing to live outside of God’s standard does not mean you are less of a person; it means your conduct will not be judged by the Church but by the laws of the land.

I believe this is where we, as a society, need to wake up.  We are not the same.  We are different people in different groups with different standards.  Simply put.  It doesn’t matter what race, gender, sexuality, social class, political stripe, religious belief, handicap (physical, mental or golf), you are valuable and have a God-given right to live and let live. 

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