The Path of Relationship with God My Everlasting Father


The Path of Relationship with God My Everlasting Father

My life is never hidden from God nor does He ignore me when life is not working the way I think it should. He is the everlasting Father-God who never tires of me nor does He grow weary of helping me, ever. He understands that I will grow tired of trying to make life work and weary of its battles. He understands that I will stumble in my mistakes and fall in my sins. As perfect Father, He does not judge me wagging His finger at me. He does however; stand ready to guide me in His paths! I will remember that those who wait in His presence will have their strength renewed daily as the roots of their life go deep into the soil of His presence becoming intertwined with the roots of His being! As I wait, His strength and power fill me causing me to soar like an eagle seeing my life circumstances from His perspective; to run the race marked out for me without growing weary and persevering through life’s demands and routines; to walk and not faint even when life gets desperately hard. So, I will learn to wait, knowing that His presence in me will cause me to become increasingly good, beautiful, strong and loving!


A Pastoral Translation of Isaiah 40:27-31

by Pastor Kervin Raugust