Your Territory is YOUR Territory!

You are responsible for the territory God has assigned to you. It’s your territory!

When accessing the “Map App” on your mobile phone a blue dot shows up marking your location. The blue dot emits blue waves of light. Can you see it? Wherever you move in your vehicle the blue dot moves with you marking your location. Think now of this blue dot being you. It represents your positioning by Jesus in a specific place in His Kingdom. Your placement is strategic, on His part, as He wants to take that territory back. Stop now to imagine what this means for you? You are placed by Jesus… radiating light… affecting the atmosphere around you with the power of His presence everywhere your feet carry you!

Imagine what your life would be like IF you learned to live into the truth of this reality? The truth is, the Holy Spirit dwells inside you. Everywhere you go you carry His presence. Everywhere you go His power goes with you. Believing this to be your reality is of first step importance to taking territory back. Try saying the following statement out loud paying attention to what rises in you, “I am a laser. I carry the light and power of HIS presence everywhere I go!” Now, say it again and again until you are convinced it is true! The second step to being a person who takes back territory is releasing Jesus’ power. It is easy to say, “I have permission and authority to take territory!” It is harder to activate it!

The presence and power of Jesus has to be released into you before you activate it in your territory for others. The reason for this is power can corrupt your character. This is your enemy’s aim. He targets your character with thoughts of self-importance even self-aggrandizement. When you think of yourself more highly than you ought to, you give the devil a foothold. This foothold will grow like cancer in your being to become stronghold of pride. Spending time with Jesus, nurturing ever deepening intimacy of relationship with Him shields will shield you from the fiery dart of – big ego. As you grow in intimacy, Jesus upgrades you to higher levels of – authority, maturity and capacity. As you rise your ability to activate His presence and power increases.

Going deeper and rising higher is the path Jesus invites you to walk. This is His way of equipping and emboldening you to take territory wherever you go! Where there is anxiety you bring peace. Where there is confusion you bring clarity of truth. Where there is fear you bring hope. Where there is shame and self-condemnation you bring healing. Where there is brokenness you will be used of Jesus to mend broken hearts, souls, minds, bodies and relationships. Where the demonic is stealing, killing and destroying you will destroy the outworking of the devil. Why is this true? All of this will be true for you IF you choose the path less travelled by.

The path less travelled by is the way of choosing to see your identity as a “blue dot” laser releasing the light of His presence everywhere you go! This is the path few travel but those who do make all the difference. You are responsible for the territory assigned to you. What will you do about your assignment?