How Then Shall We Respond?

Information these days travel at the speed of light.  Thirty years ago, adults woke up to the morning paper on the doorstep and then gathered in front of the television for the 6:00 nightly news.  Current events and concerns traveled by “Word-of Mouth”, which was said to spread as fast as a wildfire.

The world seemed to move at a slower pace in those days as compared to today.  We may have known less about world events at any given moment, but we knew more about those in our neighborhoods.  We had more time to think about what was being said before the next news publication and broadcasts were available.  We had time to consider the impact of the information the media was presenting and how we would live our lives as a result.

Quite the opposite today where we know a bit about everything and little to nothing about our neighbors, our communities.  We may be rich with knowledge, but we are relationally poor. Who is looking out for you? Who is able to recognize when you are being deceived by the hoard of information?  Who is there to speak the voice of reason when life begins to spin out of control and when that voice speaks, will you listen?

2020 is here.  A year that holds so much promise.  A year many have anxiously anticipated and what are we doing less than three months into it?  We are hiding! We are hoarding toilet paper, milk, eggs and hand sanitizers. Our society is shutting down day by day.  Stock market trading is crashing, sporting leagues are cancelling games, even churches are limiting access for people. We are living in fear of this virus called the COVID-19.  More than fear, we are living traumatized and reacting accordingly.

How then shall we respond?  

Consider how living in fear can be more dangerous to your immune system than the virus itself.  To realize that fear is a learned behavior and if it is learned it can be unlearned. How can we unlearn fear?  

We refuse to punch our ticket to ride this crazy train!  We cultivate a mindset to gain wisdom and understanding – common sense.  Practice healthy hygiene whether there is a pandemic or not. Provisions are already established in the workplace for those who are sick or are caring for a sick family member.  Use them.

Stay connected with each other and refuse to hide in isolation and live “on-line”.  We are healthier mentally, physically and spiritually when we are engaged in relationship with one another.  A large part of this connectedness that promotes health comes when we are face to face, in person. Being able to say hello with a hug, having an in -person conversation over a meal, a coffee, or just because is so profound when it comes to staying healthy.

When you are sick…well…God our Father has given us doctors, most certainly.  He has also given us each other to pray for one other that you may be healed for prayer is powerful and effective.  Prayer is powerful and effective when we are connected to the source of life, the source for our hope and hope does not disappoint.

Unlearn fear by punting it to the curb and learn how to fully live with one another.  Let the way you live be contagious and spread life!